Team Leader

Joseph Djokey

The leader of the RHQ team is Joseph Djokey a British Army veteran.

After many years in IT leadership, business and the military, Joseph Djokey discovered that servant leadership can transform teams into high performance  and greatness. He believes IT is a tool of liberation, so he set up to help individuals and organisations to align technology to the overall business  objective. Joseph has mentored, advised and facilitated a number  of IT projects, including leading the IT team for Rev Jesse Jackson’s “Equanomics” UK tour.

Whilst in military service, Joseph lead a self organising and cross functional team tasked to manage both the private and public website of his regiment, a unit that combines the speed  and agility of airborne and air assault troops.

A skilled and adaptable leader with experience in implementing and facilitating change, Joseph Djokey now coaches organisations in Agile delivery. As a Scrum Master Joseph enjoys being the servant leader of a global scrum team distributed in different time zones.