Food for our Heroes launched

Food for our Heroes,  a project for the Armed Forces Community in the UK has been launched.

The project run by RHQ Foundation is aimed at supporting the Armed Forces Community in the UK to ensure food security during this yuletide and beyond.

The founder of RHQ, who himself is a British Army veteran, Joseph Djokey reiterates that, food for our heroes campaign is intended to supply food to hard up members of the Armed Forces Community during this season and in the long term. It will link up with selected organisations across the UK that promotes and further the wellbeing of the Armed Forces Community, to ensure the food delivery service reach those who need it.

Joseph Djokey noted that, The Armed Forces Community “have put their lives on the line for citizens, and for their sacrifice, they deserve to be treated with maximum respect and provision”

To enable RHQ to respond to change quickly, the agile project management framework scrum, is being fully utilised in the delivery of the Food for our Heroes project.

RHQ is calling on the general public to be generous to this cause.

For any donations  visit