About RHQ

Who we are: we are a high performing team and leaders making a positive difference in the lives of members of the Armed Forces community in the UK. We are passionate about what we do and believes that the Armed Forces Community deserves all the best from us. In RHQ we are all leaders, self organising and cross functional. Some of us have served in the Armed Forces. There is always a space here for people with great attitude. Join us today!

Our mission: is to provide life fulfilling services to the Armed Forces Community in the UK.

Our vsion: that United Kingdom is an honourable community in which all members of the Armed Forces Community are treated with dignity and respect.

What we do: we partner with individuals, organisation and the business community to solve problems in our area of competence, family, business start-up and education.

Where we work: we are based in London and our area of operation is UK wide but starting from London. Time to time we will assist initiatives outside the UK that are aligned with our values and purpose.

Our Core  Values:

  • LEADERSHIP – We are servant leaders, we give our time and money to advance the wellbeing of the Armed Forces Community.
  • COMMUNITY – Our focus and priority is the provide life fulfilling services for the Armed Forces Community.
  • WEALTH – We encourage the Armed Forces Community to consider entrepreneurship
  • RELIABILITY – We are available! The Armed Forces Community can count on us, because we are part of it.
  • HIGH TECHNOLOGY – We use cutting edge technology to serve The Armed Forces Community.
  • QUALITY – We use the Scrum framework to run our operations to ensure the best quality of service.


We rely heavily on volunteers to help us run RHQ foundation, why not join us today and be an agent of change.

Team Leader – Joseph Djokey